Fun spring cleaning: Tips from a 6-year-old little lady

Are you ready?

Cometh time to roll up our sleeves and get down with the spring cleaning. Lots of fun, right? There is nothing to lie, much as we like the idea of a clean and tidy home, all the effort that takes us spring cleaning, make crazy not one of us.

Of course, family life is great. Children are a blessing. But the whole mess they create … Fighting it can suppress each parent. Especially when the most bizarre places springing bands, clay creations or homeless doll shoes.

Spring cleaning can be a frustrating experience even when children help (voluntary or forced) because often their intentions are good only in theory but not in practice. But tiny hands can help us only as the main task falls on our shoulders.


To not make this year’s cleaning in the most tedious task in the world, we can learn from one 6 years. Daughter Shannon Day decided to help her not only with the collection of scattered toys, but with few practical tips. Shannon said that after being put into practice the advice cleaning has become real fun.

Before you throw away everything and call a professional cleaning agency. My advice is to try the End of tenancy cleaning East London services (click here to see more about them) if you live in these area. maybe you will take advantage of these children and sincere advice, so we present them here:

  1. “All you have to do is smile, Mom. Try it! “
  2. “Just imagine that rag is your boyfriend are both gone together to the prom.”
  3. “Talk with yourself until clean.”
  4. “Dance of the song Taylor Swift’s” Shake it Off “, while you clean and save the video.”
  5. “Awarding yourself with chocolate every time you finish a task.”

Shannon said that these tips have given new meaning to the role as “guardian of the home” and cleaning has never been so much fun. So you try to clean with a permanent smile that can hurt your entire face. Wild on the dance floor with your cavalier prom while “Shake” from any bad feelings under the influence of Taylor Swift. Only we are not very sure of industrial quantities of chocolate to eat, but if your pants begin to tighten – you can safely blame the wisdom of a 6-year-old girl.